Ian Kennedy



HELLOOOOO PARTY PEOPLE! Do you hear that? Chugga-chugga Chugga-chugga Chug-anotha CHOO CHOO!! IT’S THE MOTHAFUCKIN HYPETRAIN and let me tell you the hypetrain makes no stops (which is actually a pretty shit business model for a railway). Ian comes in full force with everything he does, with complete disregard for lost balance, dignity, or clothing. Ian is fueled by good vibes, and all the hype you throw at him he will deliver back to the party x100. You know Ian when you see him because he’s always the one without a shirt on waaaay before everyone else is at that level, and he’s probably dancing hard af with his eyes closed because if he can’t see how bad it is, no one else can either, right? Ian’s the guy to go to for all your partying needs, just allow time for him to talk to literally everyone he makes eye contact with in the process of helping you out. 

Contact: president@cpsconline.com

Chloe Barney

Vice President

AKA “ChloHoe”
AKA “Banana Girl”
AKA “Pineapple Princess”

Hailing from Fresno CA, known for its meth, murders, and raisins, this Catholic school girl had to learn how to make her own fun ;). From her first beer bong until now, Chloe truly embodies what it means to be a true ski clubber. Ask this chick to do anything and you’ll most likely get a yes… how else do you think she made it on imshmacked? As this year’s VP, she oversees spreading the love of ski club, so hit her up with any and all suggestions. With only one goal for this year, Chloe is ready to ski all day and rock all night so get ready for lots of deep sounds, champagne showers, and of course tons of fresh powder! 

Contact: finance@cpsconline.com

Zoe Wilcocks


AKA “ZoHoe”
AKA “Z-Funk”
AKA “Tiny Twosome #1”
AKA “Mom Against Vaping #2”

YEEHAW! This Texas Belle grabbed those ski poles for the first time on Big Trip. Only riding with the sendiest, she soon was doing backflips off Corbets… pretty much. With her homemade tattoo gun and proficient rapping abilities, she will always be the life of the party (just ask Austin’s peen). ZoHoe has also broken CPSC’s record for being the first 12 year old on board! When not obsessing over ski club duties, Z-Cocks is often found singing obnoxiously, asking overly personal questions, or petting strangers’ dogs. She also takes pride in being voted Least Annoying Vegan. Exec Board always needs a token stoner, and Zoe takes the cup;) (LEGALLY, I may add). This tiny but mighty gal will do just about anything to make sure y’all party people are having the time of yo lives. 

Contact: activities@cpsconline.com

Julian Donnelly


AKA “Julez”
AKA “OrangeJulius”
AKA “Dad Against Vaping

Having grown up among the majestic coastal mountains of Big Sur, this mad chiller is truly one of a kind. Coming from a land where champagne showers, cuddle puddles, and all-night ragers are the norm, Julian was born to send. Look for him if you ever find yourself exploding from stress as his Buddhist nature can surely help you relax. And as a Plant Science major he can surely tell you a thing or two about his good friend MaryJane 😉 Julez can be found keeping the dance floor alive at the break of dawn, or calmly looking over the ocean contemplating life’s deepest mysteries; one of the two. One of his many skills involves being capable of appearing entirely sober and responsible while actually shit-faced drunk. He’s has been shredding the slopes for as long as he can remember, and as such is certainly the best boarder on the mountain. Hit him up for party deets, to have deep discussions about the nature of reality, or just to say what’s up. All the time is a good time when this sender is around.

Contact: logistics@cpsconline.com

Devin Miller

Marketing / Media

AKA “Miller Lite”
AKA “Sunburned Sender”
AKA “Tiny Twosome #2”

So you’re lost on the mountain? Need a friendly face to cum and keep you safe? Well this girl will ~always~ be on call to help you out… Either that or to try to show off her slope style… This Lite Blonde Miller can be found chillin’ on the ski slopes, out in the sun on the boat, or just helping studying be a little bit more entertaining. Just like her favorite drink, Devin is light and bubbly, and often leaves you craving more of her, which you no doubt will see when she’s given a chair, her favorite song, and the attention to be freed from the confines of her clothing. So whether you need to find the way down the mountain, or want a simple pick-me-up, Devin is a call you can, and should, always make. Because let’s be real, we could all use a little more Miller Lite in our lives.

Contact: marketing@cpsconline.com
Contact: media@cpsconline.com

Natalie Ramos


AKA “NatSac”

Born in the Sac, this young grasshopper was raised to learn, study, and practice the holy trinity: Tequila, lime, and salt. For this girl, nothing says “I miss home” more than a little agave nectar goodness. Just remember, once you break out the three, you know where Natalie will be, repeating “It’s fine, tequila runs through my veins so it never affects me.” This gal enjoys other majestic pleasures in life as well such as wearing the same tie-dyed shirt to every party, sticking her tongue out in photos, and flexing her ability to do more pushups than you. Find her on the mountain sometime, frolicking in the snow (falling off a chairlift) or relaxing mid-mountain while she throws snowballs at skiers. Hit her line if you need your dope CPSC shirt to rep around or have any questions about this glorious club. Prizes awarded to anyone who can get this gal to show you what a bierstick is (;

Contact: membership@cpsconline.com

Talia Mora


AKA “TaliHoe”
AKA “Mom Against Vaping #1”

A wise man once said “the pen is mightier than the sword!” So don’t be surprised if you catch Talia requesting a trial by combat with only a stolen, doctors office waiting room, ballpoint pen in hand. Half COCKasian and half Ecuadorian, this deceivingly blond latina from SoCal thrives on the perfect mixture of white powder, sandy beaches, and green mountain tops. From the day she was born, (Na)Talia was baptized into full sendership. From her first ski-related concussion at age 6, to falling off of the roof of her dorm building three weeks into college, Talia has always lived by a safety-third mentality and believes that EVERY situation is made safer by a light up helmet and Grapefruit BoochKraft. Some of her major interests include weekly power hours, dental hygiene, and religious dedication to Making America Nude Again. TaliHoe almost always has something to say and manifests eloquent majesty into her otherwise ratchet life through written word. So if you ever need an obituary, Power of Attorney or letter of recommendation, see Talia for all your essay writing needs. Liability warning: If you ever find yourself within a 2 mile radius of Talia, steer clear of peach flavored Smirnoff ICE… Inquire within for further information regarding Talia’s passion drivin Club: Moms Against Vaping.

Contact: secretary@cpsconline.com

Sloan Cinkle

Webmaster / Media

AKA “SloHoe”
AKA “Slim Boner
AKA “Cloudy with a Chance of YEETballz”

You ever seen the shit they got at Disneyland? Well, growing up in Anaheim, Sloan sure did. Standing at 6 foot 9 inches, this memelord can out-drink you any day (or night) as long as sweet sweet yaaaay-ger is involved. As this year’s Sendmaster, Sloan manages the website, trip signups, and helps with app login issues. If you’re on the mountain, and see someone send a jump at full speed, sticking their tongue out with a complete disregard for their own safety, you’ve probably found Sloan. Because nobody puts the BATS in BATSHIT like this legendary sender. 

Contact: webmaster@cpsconline.com
Contact: media@cpsconline.com