Meet Your 2021-2022 Executive Board!


Gabe AKA "BABEriel"

Originating from Humboldt County, CA, the home of big trees and DANK woods (the Redwoods, of course). This bundle fun is always down for a good time. As a goofy footed boarder, he loves cliffs, trees and going fast. You will find him at a party balls deep in a game of rage cage or 69 doubles. So if see him on the mountain, try and keep up- he may smoke in you more ways than you think!!!


Hailey AKA "H-Dawg"

H-Dawg is her name and running the bunny slope is her game. She is a born and raised beach bum with nothing but epic wipeouts and good vibes on the mountain. As a self-identified Kook of the Day turned Jerry of the Day, this sender is nothing but new to hitting the slopes and shredding the gnar. This gal may not know when to pizza or french fry, but she does know how to have a good, fun lovin’ time! You’ll find her drinking claws, having a laugh, and making friends on and off the mountain.


Matthew AKA "Thew"

 Elder Sir Captain Matthew Buttfuck- This sexy Seattle sender has been skiing since he can remember, and is pretty much down for whatever. Usually the first on the mountain and the last to leave, he is always ready for a full fucking send, and if the mountains aren’t available, the beach or a hike will work too.  An advocate for the Après-ski lifestyle as much as alpine skiing itself, he loves to ski trees, cornices, chutes, and general big-mountain terrain (but he’s not picky).  Always ready to “fucking rage” at a moments notice, one text or word is all it takes to get him started.  Find Thew at the party pouring up a drink (he loves rum) or rallying people for a round of beer bongs.  He will match whatever energy you give to him and is always excited to meet new people and to full send with everyone on and off the slopes.


Peter AKA "Darsh"

Lover of all things related to skiing, you’ll NEVER catch Darsh having a bad time on the mountain. He’ll launch his body off any bump, lump, or jump on the slopes, and sometimes he’ll even land on his feet. If you need someone to hype you up before a big send, or document your steeze with a gopro clip… he’s your guy.


Mackenzie AKA "Big Mac"

Mackenzie grew up shredding in Tahoe at the ripe age of 3 and fell in love with the slopes. The one-stoplight town of King City is where this sender calls home. Mac is a true yee haw & meat expert, but more importantly the absolute dirtiest girl scout- on and off the slopes. Find her with a bottle of chocolate sauce and she’ll show you why.


Zoe AKA "Z-Funk"

Z Funk in the building !! From green circles to black diamonds, Zoe’s been sending it big time since her first tracks on freshman year Big Trip. With a degree in event management, this mean, green, vegan machine works her a$$ off to make sure this club damn near pops off (at the end of the day).


Ayden AKA "Inspector"

Inspector Balumbu- This wild and random Socal sender will inspect the shit out of everything. He’s always down to shred some powder and vibe the fuck out. If you spend a day with the inspector you’re bound to have a hilarious time 🙂

*PS +69 gnar points if you ask about the four hoods


Emily AKA "Margarita"

This San Diego girl is probably not who you expected to see sending it on the mountain. She is always down for a good time, whether that’s a beach day, ski weekend, or vibing with friends. While Emily is often seen as “mom”, she is no stranger to fucking raging, especially when she beerbonged half a pitcher, or approximately 6.9, AMF’s at once.  Hit her up for a drink and she’ll surely whip you up something great.


Ben AKA "Benji B. Jordan"

Catch DJ BJ spinning the freshest beats. Raised in the town of Bellingham in the PNW, Ben grew up tearing the pow just an hour east at Mt. Baker. He’s always down for a crazy time in the outdoors or just to bool around. With an extensive background in Business, you’re guaranteed to see him fly as hell shreddin the slopes in one of his sexy suits.


Austin AKA "Dominos"

A local to San Luis, Austin came out of the womb the fastest boarder on the mountain, he loves his friends, family, moms and Lagunitas IPA, you can always find himat the nearest rodeo and if you see him at 3am always ask for his renowned magic card trick.