• Lucas Newcomb

      AKA "Suhhh"

      Born in the rugged and desolate Marin County, California, Lucas quickly learned to love actions sports. Dabbling in competitive skiing and mountain biking, Lucas has become the cockiest washed-up, margarita-drinking, steak-loving, Oakley-wearing ski clubber this side of the Mississippi. Find Lucas pretending to workout in the gym or drunk in a bathtub eating his special pasta and caesar salad in a cup recipe (find it on Buzzfeed). Although he no longer competes, Lucas's work with sponsors, showed him that he loves working with new companies and always leaves them satisfied. Hit him up with any sponsorship ideas and he won't be able to resist helping you till completion. Challenge him to race, you'll lose.

    • Sierra Smith

      Vice President
        AKA "Chiefmaster Omelet", AKA "Wolf Whisperer"

        You can often find Sierra cuddled up with her trusty K9 companion Nahla AKA CPSC’s mascot, indulging in gourmet munchies from a jar. Raised in Oakland, California she has high ;) standards for delicious food, dank weed, and fine wine. If you manage to find this sender on the slopes, chances are she will be fully equipped with tree party materials for all to enjoy. As the Vice President of the sextactular club, she can answer any and all questions you have about anything CPSC related. Hit her up to pet her dog, find out where the parties are, or if you need a companion to take a beer bong!

      • Lizzie Wiley

          AKA “Snoop Frogg” AKA “Crazy Chicken Lady”

          Lizzie originates from ColoRADo which means she knows everything there is to know about dem blue mountains. She has many other skills as well that can be seen on a daily basis. This Kirkland-beer-loving gal can be found doing 8 second keg stands, stumbling along with the longest wizards staff, or at Taco Bell at 1 in the morning on any given day. You may recognize her as the Pantless Wonder or as the one who face planted after trying to spider twerk on a chair. Make sure you hit up this membership director if you need to be directed to the beer or need to join the greatest club known to man. There’s a guaranteed 69% chance that she’ll remember your name ;)

        • Alex Kung

          Public Relations
            AKA "King Kung"

            Alex is in charge of our Public Relations, which really just shows you how little of a shit we give about PR. We aren’t really sure what his job is, but if it includes sitting in a foldable Tommy Bahama chair and refilling a discontinued “America” Budweiser-can because he thinks its unpatriotic to drink from any other sort of vessel, then he just might be in the running for employee of the month. Alex also has Bald Eagle license plates on his rice-rocket which means he and his car sort of have the same racial makeup, which is pretty much the closest this guy has ever got to cultivating a brand in his entire life. Alex’s idea of being a good skier is straightlining shit out of control but still feeling the need to sharpen his edges before every trip. Seriously, he needs edges like a NASCAR driver needs a right turn signal. If you are the public, and you’d like to relate to us, just follow the sound of gnarly dubstep that’s being played at an inappropriate time… and bring a neckbrace while you’re at it.

          • Jeremy Spykerman

            Marketing Director
              AKA “JSpyke” AKA “Ice King”

              If you ever want to make this guy happy, head to the closest liquor store and purchase the largest ice possible, then when he is least expecting it, place ice in an obvious yet hidden location. This is both amusing to everyone else while making this guy the happiest man in the room! Raised in El Dorado Hills, California, conveniently just an hour away from Tahoe, he started out on skis with his brothers. Recently, he has crossed over to the dark side, and is now the best snowboarder on the mountain. Jeremy takes safety meetings very seriously, always making sure that all members abide by the golden rule: “safety third”.

            • Brendan Mooney

              Media Director
                AKA Brennen, AKA Brandon, AKA Brenton, AKA your mom’s pool boy ;)

                Highly professional with a qualified skill set including rustiness, guacamole, butt stuff (2k12) and the moon. When he was a young boy he was wrapped in exported silk and left behind at a port in the Caribbean. Being discovered in a box of potatoes aboard the Black Pearl, he was raised a pirate and slowly made his way to the holy land called Utah. Here he reunited with his old family and was converted into a sender, blacking on face shots and being brought back to life by hot tub booty and Coors Extra Gold.

              • Kelsey Glastetter

                Event Planner / Activities
                  AKA “Wildcard” AKA “Barry’s Mom”

                  She knows how to get the party started. Usually sporting the motto “less clothes the better unless you’re wearing fur” Kelsey embodies what it truly means to be a wild ski clubber. I mean she literally lives in the forest and thrives purely off of beer bongs, spaghetidillas, and margaritas. She can often be spotted dressed as Jack Sparrow, inside her fort-twenty fort, mountain biking through SLOs beautiful hills, making kale chips, or taming her wild animal friends. As CPSC’s actividades director, Wildcard is always on the lookout for houses to throw more sick parties, so if you or any of your friends reside in prime party locations you should holla at this sexy beast.

                • Austin Kolegraff

                  Event Planner / Logistics
                    AKA “Garby” AKA "this isn't rocket science"

                    From the flat, wet, plainlands of your mom’s tits (Okoboji, Iowa (or Idaho (or Ohio (or whatever)))), Austin has been sending it up and down the snow pile ever since he can’t remember. If you have a question regarding corn, tractors, beer-bongs, or aerospace, Austin has you covered. Some of his hobbies include, drinking, playing piano, beer-bonging, working out, raging, singing, partying, studying, not sleeping, doing weird accents, oh….. and skiing. Most people ask the question, “Hey bro, do you ski or board? Cyeahaha?” Austin’s response is always, “Nah, I’m bi.” Ladies love it, so bros, if you wanna impress a girl at a party (and you ski and board), walk up to them and say, “Sup girl, I’m bi.” It works every time. So if you’re down to chill or kill, hit up Austin for a good time. Just make sure to always call your mom first.

                  • Andrew Yoder

                      AKA "Yoder" AKA "Cache Money"

                      This guy's from Modesto, the armpit of California. Nobody actually knows what he does, but we think it has something to do with taking beer bongs and scrolling through dank memes (that's all there is to a website, right??). Cruising down the slopes, burning that deadly reefer (safest way to dispose of it), and safety meetings are all things he likes. Things he doesn't like include fun, so whatever you do don't try to show him a good time!! Yoder's the guy to hit up if you've got too much ice cream on your hands, if you really wanna buy someone a beer, or, you know, if you have technical issues. For real though, buy me a beer.

                    • Margaret Shields

                        Aka “Chef Maggie” Aka "Margarita Spicy”

                        Hailing from the YAY area (aka the bay) this skiing dare devil learned how to rebound and rage on like a champ. You can find this sexy lady on the dance floor shaky her bootylicious rump, surfing the waves with dolphins on the majestic coast line, or conCOCKting flavor explosion in her kitchen. If you want to see a grown man cry convince your macho friends to challenge her to a leg wrestling match. She’ll flip him like a pancake on a hot griddle and send that baby home to momma with smack on the booty. As SEXretary its her job to remind you of your poor life decisions and broadcast them in a weekly email to all your closest friends. We love to laugh at the dumb things your blacked out alter ego "Joe Taco" or "Steve Polycronopolis" or "Stan Flanagan" or what ever the fuck else you like to call yourself when your brain has checked out, so keep on party hard senders!! Also, if you have any great stories of your idiot friends share them with her and she might recap them in the next email. Warning: If you see this feisty ski clubber at the bars and buy her a tequila mule you’ll most likely find yourself at the end of the night naked in the Holiday Inn pool.

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