Meet Your 2022-2023 Executive Board!


Matthew AKA "Thew"


Elder Sir Captain Matthew Buttfuck- This sexy Seattle sender has been skiing since he can remember, and is pretty much down for whatever. Usually the first on the mountain and the last to leave, he is always ready for a full fucking send, and if the mountains aren’t available, the beach or a hike will work too.  An advocate for the Après-ski lifestyle as much as alpine skiing itself, he loves to ski trees, cornices, chutes, and general big-mountain terrain (but he’s not picky).  Always ready to “fucking rage” at a moments notice, one text or word is all it takes to get him started.  Find Thew at the party pouring up a drink (he loves rum) or rallying people for a round of beer bongs.  He will match whatever energy you give to him and is always excited to meet new people and to full send with everyone on and off the slopes.


Oz AKA "The Glizzard of Oz"

Meatball, Ozteoporosis, Ozzy, Oswald, there is no name that quite encapsulates the sendieness of this this man. Originally from the deep state he has been chemically altered to only take ski lessons from MILFs and can drink an entire bottle of borski in 1 sitting. Stoke levels run high when he joins the party and is the shortest king of all time. Hit him up for a fireball shooter on the mountain or a deep talk in the hot tub at the cabin. 


P.S I am the new head of the 4 hoods. Ask me about it.


Mackenzie AKA "Mac"

Mackenzor, Big Mac, Mackenith, The Dirtiest Girlscout- this badass ski babe hails from the one stoplight town of King City, CA. She started shredding at the ripe age of 3, learning the sport at her home mountain, Northstar, in Tahoe. Don’t let her looks (or 10-step skin care routine) fool you, this baddie fucking rips. Mac loves racing down groomers and getting in an absolute glorious flow state, probably listening to classic rock or country while doing it. Find her on small trips in “menace mode” and you’d better watch out. Menace Mac will drag you out of bed and put you in a choke hold faster than you can count to 6.9, but it’s all out of love. Wake her up with a mimosa bong and you’ll be best buds. Mac is always down to clown and can’t wait to shred with all you beautiful peeps!


Kaleb AKA "Bofaaa"


This hell of a shredder has been sending it on and off the mountain since he was a small boy. Growing up in Oregon City, OR he would book it to Mt. Hood four times a week and if you ever lose him it is a good bet that you’ll find him ripping the park. Outside of being a park-rat, you have never seen a boarder send it as big as he does. You can expect to see Kaleb sending it down any double black, tree runs, or really just anything to tap that sweet sweet pow. Shredding with him you can always expect to get some sick footage since he always has a camera in hand. Off the mountain you’ll always see Kaleb with a beer in hand as he rages face. Out of all beverages he loves to get weird with some tequila and dance horribly in the middle of the party. Overall, this all around sender can’t wait to meet everyone and rip.


Zoey AKA "Weird Zebra Girl"

This sexy sender hails from the Rocky Mountains and has been shredding since she could fit into ski boots. Vail is her home mountain but CPSC has started converting her to be an IKON lover. You tend to find her on the steeper runs on the mountain, shredding chutes, trees or hiking for a little bit of pow. When she’s not on the slopes, Zoey’s always down for a good time on another adventure camping, hiking, fishing, or kicking some ass in spike ball. On small trips, she is an expert midnight dino nugget chef. This sender LOVES country music so if you really want to get her moving, jam to some country and offer her a ranch water. Zoey’s so psyched to rip with all you shredders on the slopes!



Emily AKA "Margarita"

This San Diego girl is probably not who you expected to see sending it on the mountain. She is always down for a good time, whether that’s a beach day, ski weekend, or vibing with friends. While Emily is often seen as “mom”, she is no stranger to fucking raging, especially when she beerbonged half a pitcher, or approximately 6.9, AMF’s at once.  Hit her up for a drink and she’ll surely whip you up something great.




This sender, originating from sunny San Diego, started ripping the shit out of any and every run after learning how from her dad who’s Alaska born and raised. She grew up making day and weekend trips to her hometown’s closest mountains of Big Bear and Mammoth and would often make longer treks to Tahoe, Brian Head, and her personal favorite Big Sky, Montana. Lily loves to ski all terrain from trees to moguls to park and usually hits it with a full send (except for the time when the run hit back and she tore her ACL lol). If she’s not skiing, you’ll still find her doing something outside whether it be surfing, camping, climbing, or just boolin at the beach. Lily’s always game to do something fun and can’t wait to shred with all you sexy senders!



Dinger AKA "Young Dingus"

Dinger aka Young Dingus, Dingy, Andrew 


This slender sender from the Yay Area first stepped on a snowboard at the ripe age of 10. After a few family trips, the senditude went into hibernation until beer and snow became one on the mountain. With stoke fully renewed, he has not looked back and will do anything to chase pow. If you need the weather forecast, a beer, or just simply some stoke, he is your guy. An obsessed sports fan and degenerate gambler he is always down to talk sports and lay down some odds. Find him on the mountain in his CPSC jersey or posted outside at the parties with a puff puff pass and he will be your new best friend.


Paul AKA "Legalize tuggies"

This big and sexy sender hailing from the mean streets of Spokane, WA has been ripping the shit out of it on the slopes since the ripe age of 2 ½. If you ever want to find him at a party look up and find the white cowboy hat. His home mountain is Schweitzer, up yonder in the sticks of North Idaho, but he’s grown to love new experiences in California, Utah, and Oregon especially at his favorite mountain of Snowbird-Alta. Paul loves to ski big mountain(double blacks make him horny) and will hunt down any trace of fresh powder still standing. When he’s not on the mountain, you can find him at the gym, throwing back beers with friends, or taking your mom home from the rodeo. Paul is stoked to shred with all y’all this year.


Will AKA "Willy J"


Will, Willy J, Bill Bones, Jill Wones, Fill Fones, this sender responds to damn near any name with a vowel in it. Originally from the bay area, this newest boarder on the mountain is always ready to kill a pint. You can find him on the mountain wearing his Lightning McQueen beanie and sunglasses or back at the house playing some games. His hobbies include drinking with his pinkies up, driving like your grandpa, and falling asleep anywhere at any time. If anxious, please feed him milk and cookies to calm him down.