• Wait, It’s Already Summer?

    We’ve come a long way and have done some crazy shit that’ll ensure we have some great stories to tell in the future, granted we remembered them all. For those who are staying for the summer, go join our summer group http://tinyurl.com/cpsc-summer so we can all stay connected!

  • Local Sponsor

    Hemp Shak is an eco-friendly clothing and accessory company located in downtown SLO that has everything a pro-Earth ski clubber could need! Bring your membership card the next time you visit Hemp Shak to get a solid 10% off your purchase.

  • Sponsor of the Week

    Fattoush is a SLO favorite. They sell some dank Mediterranean food that goes absolutely perfectly with an ice cold Bud Light. In fact, showing your membership card can give you access to 99 cent canned beers and free hummus and pita!