• Start Spring with a BANG, Cum to kirkWOOD!

    Kirkwood. April 5-9. Be there.
    Signups go live at 9pm TONIGHT at cpsconline.com/kirkwood-18/ and we can guarantee it’ll fill up faster than Lucas doing a beer bong. $140 gets you a sweet place to stay, dank meals cooked by your very own board, and enough booze to drown Broseidon.

    Kirkwood Background

    Well, now you do. CPSC is sending it full frontal to ROSARITO BEACH for 4 nights of nonstop celebration. SWAT and Rockstar are bringing some badass artists for our entertainment, and trip includes: condo, shuttle from San Diego, meals, drinks, concerts/parties, and the most affordable + insane spring break trip available!

  • Sponsor of the Week: Morro

    Morro’s got some of the sweetest clothes around, made with premium pima cotton (this shit’s soft) all sourced from independent Peruvian farmers. Stay tuned for more collabs with Morro.

    Morro Rock, is the 576 ft. tall plug of an extinct volcano and is one of a series extending for many miles inland. In the winter, the sun cuts across the rock face at sunrise and illuminates the rock and sand ripples perfectly.  This low sun angle is the only way to show fine detail in the sand.  It only lasts for about 3 minutes, so I had to work fast.  A low tide also exposed just enough sand while keeping it wet for the best effect.  I liked how the sand ripples pointed in the same direction as the layers of rock.