• Small Trip – Utah

    SIGNUPS ARE LIVE for Utah!! Come join us for a 40-person wedding in some knee-deep pow!

  • Small Trips!

    Big Trip is over — what does that mean for Ski Club? That means It’s time to make the most of your membership and keep the party going all year long!! Small trips are where the big timers are made, where Board members are born, and where the 69 douchebags tie the knot! Don’t miss out!!

  • Local Sponsor

    California Roots is a new deli in SLO that’ll give you a nice break from the standard drunk Taco Bell or dozen donuts you like to eat when you’re stressed. They use the freshest ingredients to make some dank sandwiches! Show your membership card to get $2 off your purchase.

  • Sponsor of the Week

    Giuseppe’s is a classy restaurant that specializes in providing us with the best Italian food in SLO. For those times when you’re a hungover mess and don’t wanna show up in a nice outfit, take advantage of their express menu and get 10% off your order with your membership card!