What is CPSC?
Established in 1941, Central Pacific Ski Club is currently the second largest collegiate ski club in the nation, and takes sole responsibility for the continued presence of more than a thousand stoked snow sport enthusiasts on the central Californian coast. By taking 7-8 large club trips around the US we allow our members to experience a vast array of mountains and the chance to meet an awesome group of people.

Who are we?
The heart and soul of our club are our members. No other club in the area has such a diverse membership base composed of so many amazing people with different backgrounds and unique talents. We work with some of the hottest names in the music and entertainment industry on the central coast and our members are the first to know about upcoming concerts. Ski Club has a legendary event calendar, and between rail jams in San Luis Obispo, exclusive concerts, extreme sports movie premiers, quarterly pub crawls for the 21+, and intramural sport teams, we have something for everyone.

Who can join?
Everyone! Seriously. The best part about CPSC is the diversity of our members. We accept anyone and everyone with an interest in snow sports regardless of skill level, or even interest in snow sports for that matter. We can’t wait to meet you!