CPSC Executive Board Erections are your final chance to show us your wild and creative side to get on the coolest ski club board in the nation. We will be hosting a final informative meeting about elections, board positions, and the application process February 18th at 9pm on the first floor of Baker. Don’t forget that applications are due the night of February 26th (location TBD). Check out the available board positions here, and hit up a board member for any questions you might have! 

How do?

For all our noobs out there, here is a breakdown of what Erection season looks like:

Step 1 – Attend an Info meeting! 
Step 2 – Talk to board, go on trips, get to know board and CPSC! Express your interest in running and show us what you got!
Step 3 – Fill out an application (link above) (due February 26th)
Step 4 – Interviews! (lets just say these are like no other job interview you’ve ever had…)
Step 5 – ERECTIONS. (each candidate puts on a skit or performance showcasing their top-tier, board-material prowess during a night of entertainment and merriment) (March 6th)