WOW Events!

There’s only one thing Ski Club loves more than receiving order number 69 at Taco Bell… and that’s WOWies!!! Please join us for an entire week of daily events and keep an eye out for detailed event descriptions in our emails! Invite any and everyone to these events as we will not be checking membership until Ice Breakers!

Any WOW-related notifications will be sent out through a single, common phone number. To add yourself to the texting system, text “CPSC” to the number below. Then, respond with your full name, and you will automatically receive WOW event updates when they are sent out.

(805) 398-6969

Disclaimer: This is a new system, & as always, technological difficulties can occur. Once again, we appreciate your patience with us as we experiment & work to improve this system. Party on!

Car Painting, September 12th

Ski Club loves WOWIIIESSSS!! Join us for some car painting fun while sippin on some refreshing drinks 🙂
We will be decorating with paint-safe, washable, non-toxic paint and can make your car the next ski club-mobile! This is an awesome way to show your support and recruit more senders to join us!
As an incentive to let us use your shiny car as a canvas, you can pick up some sick SWAG. We will have shirts, stickers, and more special goodies!

Scary Movie Night, September 13th

Come join us for a movie night!! 🎥 Grab your favorite candy, a lawn chair, and best buds for a fun, chill evening to start off your Week Of Wildness 🙂 aka WOW
We will be providing popcorn and beverages 🍻 for you to enjoy 🙂 so don’t miss out!
Make sure to hit up a board member for any questions and sign up for our texting service for details. 

WOWie Party, September 14th

School? I don’t know her. We are just here to welcome all the the new (& returning) mustangs! ⚡ Come see what CPSC is all about and meet the people who make us the best club on the central coast!!
Make sure to text a board member for updates and sign up for our texting service for more information!

BBQ, September 15th

It is time to GRUB with SKI CLUB!!
We want to meet more WOWIES so of course why not do it over a BBQ!! Come hang out with the sendiest senders SLO has ever seen. 🍺 and grab a cup, a weiner, a veggie patty, some juicy melons…whatever floats your boat! 🍉 YAYYY
Reach out to a board member and sign up for our texting service for more info 🙂

Tye-Die, September 16th

Time has come to learn College 101! Come test your beer die skilzz and tie dye a dope bandana while meeting more WOWIES! 🤗
We will have drinks to consume, friends to meet and sunshine to enjoy! ☀️ Come by yourself or convince your entire WOW group to come, we promise they won’t be disappointed 🙂
Hit up a board member and sign up for our texting service for more information.

Beach Day, September 17th

Unpack those bikinis and boardshorts.. (or dont), and join us for CPSC Beach Day!!
We will be setting up a site with music, refreshments and friends all for YOU! This is an event far-ish from campus so please do not hestitate to reach out if you want a ride, we can help you coordinate!!
Sign up for our texting service for more info and hit up one of our sexy board members 🙂

Apres Ski “Wine & Cheese”, September 18th

Did someone say wine…AND cheese?! oh baby..yes please!
Join us in enjoying the best boxed wine you have ever tasted and munch on delicious snacks while meeting new friends! 🍷
If you have any question hit up a board member and sign up for our texting service for more info 🙂

Farmers Market, September 19th

Take a stroll down Thursday Night Farmers Market and stop by our booth!!
We cannot wait to meet you and tell you even more about CPSC and why we are the best club you will ever join!
Want to hang out with us before Thursday? Check out all of our other WOW events happening early this week 🙂

Storm Area 69!!, September 20th

Calling all WOWIESSSSS!! Just when you thought the time would never come, it is HERE!
We want to show a good time before the good times are over so join us in partying like its your last night on earth!
As always, text a board member and sign up for our texting service for more information! AND don’t forget to download our app 🙂

Ice Breakers, September 21st

*Attention: This is a member only event!
GO BIG or GO HOME!!! This is the time to get WET and WILD with CPSC!!!
Ice Breakers is one of the best events we will throw for our members and we are stokkkkkkeddd for this year. Make sure you sign up through venmo, in person at Farmers Market, or online through our website to become a member and be let into this party!!
We will be checking membership at the door for this event!
If you have any question contact a board member and sign up for our texting service 🙂