By entering your email address here you agree to comply to the COVID-19 precautions set in place by Central Pacific Ski Club. These measures include: 

IF YOU ARE DOUBLE VACCINATED: submission of a negative COVID test within 72 hours of the trip start date and isolation during the days leading up to the trip in order to limit exposure. 

IF YOU ARE DOUBLE VACCINATED + BOOSTER: isolation during the days leading up to the trip in order to limit exposure. 


In the case of cancelation by the traveler, CPSC cannot offer refunds. Prior to the trip, all trip-goers will be required to sign a liability form outlining the above precautions in greater detail.

What is Small Trip Utah 2022 all about?

Our first small trip of the season, CPSC is taking on Alta and Snowbird in the beautiful mormon lands of Utah. Alta/Snowbird are two great destinations to add to your list and the terrain is spectacular. Small Trip Utah will take place MLK weekend, Thursday to Monday. Upon signing up for the trip, we will have a ride meeting to coordinate transportation as well as all trip logistics. Signing up for Small Trip Utah grants you access to great skiing with the hardest shredders around, lodging, as well as meals and drinks provided by CPSC board.

I have never gone to a Ski Club event. Can I still go?

First, you must ask yourself these questions:
1. Do you like to party?
2. Have you ever met anyone in Ski Club?
3. Do you like making new friends?
If you said Yes or No to any of these questions, then you should go!

Why should I sign up?

1 Epic House,  kegs, handles, prepared food all weekend, house parties EVERY NIGHT, the freedom to do whatever the f*** you want for 3 days, the list goes on and on!

How much does it cost?

                                    For all of the debauchery stated above, the trip costs $160.69.                                     * This does not include Lift Tickets, Butt we do have a group rate*

Reminder: Ski Club holds a no refund policy. If you commit to attending an event, consider your payment final. In the event that you cannot attend, it is your responsibility to find a replacement if you wish to receive money back.