Upcoming Events

Farmer’s Market

9/13 – 12/13 | 6-9pm | Every Thursday 

Come chill with us at San Luis Obispo’s Farmer’s Market! Get your shirt, meet executive board, and hang with other Ski Club Members as we relax before having a great weekend!

HABSTRAKT @ The Graduate

Join Our buddies over at Funk with Us invited HABSTRAKT to SLO so he could help us THROW DOWN on Halloween! Tickets are ON SALE NOW! Buy Tickets Here!

Big Trip JACKSON HOLE 2018

12/15 – 12/22 | RIGHT AFTER FINALS Fall ’18
Join Central Pacific Ski Club as we send it to the land of the Reverse Cowgirls, the Grand Tetons, and the holes that have yet to be discovered with 200+ of your new breast friends! Learn about Big Trip!