Spring Break Rosarito Beach 2018


No spring break plans?

Read on…

SWAT and Rockstar have invited CPSC to join them on this legendary SPRING BREAK TAKEOVER. Imagine an affordable spring break with 4 nights in luxury condos on the effin’ beach, with parties every day and concerts every night, free lunches, dinners, and drinks, and an (un)forgettable week with all your best friends!

Trip includes:

  • 4 nights in luxury condos
  • free shuttles from San Diego (if you sign up before 2/15…)
  • day parties…every day
  • night concerts…every night
  • free lunches and dinners
  • free drinks for an hour at each club
  • access to newly renovated clubs
  • you get to hang out with us?
  • Sign up here so our squad can all room together!


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