• Board Elections

    Ever wanted to run one of the best clubs in the country? Now is your chance! Board elections are just around the corner. Come out to the mandatory info meeting on 2/25/14. Location: The Summit Time: 9 PM

  • Local Sponsor

    We never would have made it to Big Trip Reveal without the scrumptious delicacies at Fattoush which fueled our insanity. Stop by for a cold brew and a falafel, because it’s fun to say falafel. Also, they don’t mind if you don’t wear pants (note the babe in the cowboy boots).

  • Sponsor of the Week

    Beverly’s makes us all feel like a little kid in a candy shop, let’s admit it. The endless rows of colorful paint, glitter, feathers, fabric, and ambiguous shiny objects is the ideal place to conjure up your next Halloween outfit or DIY festival wear. Bring in you card for a discount too!