• Spring Pub Crawl

    Who’s ready for another quarterly bar crawl that’s surely going to make your gonads jingle and your congo bongos flutter rapidly?! NEXT WEDNESDAY, MAY 27 will be the night we initiate this sloppy, yet classy charade and we hope to see as many of you “legal” CPSC fan girls as possible!

  • Local Sponsor

    Everyone knows about Woodstock’s, everyone in ski club gets 15% off, 24/7 happy hour, and free delivery when you show your membership card! They’ve got some of the best pizza in SLO and it’s the perfect cure to that gnarly hangover you got from pint night or Margarita Monday the night before.

  • Sponsor of the Week

    Seshday is a pretty dope online store that provides you babes with super discounts on some of the most popular brands. They sell ski/board gear, shirts, shoes, and plenty more. It’s the perfect place to go when you lose all of your clothes and/or dignity on our CPSC trips!